Missing Catalytic Converter Symptoms

We here at Extra Mile Tire Pros wish that it weren’t true, but people steal catalytic converters from underneath automobiles. We assure you that you will know right away that something is wrong when you start your automobile after the catalytic converter has been taken. In fact, we are going to list the signs that the catalytic converter is gone below so you know what to look for with your automobile.

Annoyingly Loud Engine

You won’t be able to miss the problem because when you start your automobile, the engine is going to be extremely loud. It will also make roaring noises as the exhaust is forcefully pushed out of the exhaust manifold. Before the catalytic converter was taken, it was able to absorb the sound and force of the push. Now, the exhaust manifold is unmuffled and the engine will be incredibly loud as a result.

Check Engine Warning

Your dashboard is also going to alert you that there is a serious problem. Because the catalytic converter has been taken, the exhaust system will send malfunctioning codes to the engine control unit. The engine control unit cannot fix the problem; it cannot replace the catalytic converter. Consequently, you will end up with an illuminated check engine warning light on the dashboard.

Jerking Acceleration

We talked about the forceful push of exhaust out of the exhaust manifold above and how the catalytic converter absorbed this force. Now that the converter is gone, your automobile is going to jerk severely every time it accelerates. This can make driving the vehicle difficult.

Problems Driving Slow

Another thing that will make driving your automobile difficult is that the engine will perform sporadically when you are operating the vehicle at slow speeds. As you pick up speed, the engine will start to perform better. The reason why this happens is that the engine struggles to produce torque on the lower end when the catalytic converter is not underneath the vehicle.

Problems With Exhaust

Finally, we recommend that you avoid driving your automobile. If you turn on the engine and it is too loud and the check engine light comes on, cut the engine right away and call the authorities. The reason why it’s dangerous to drive your vehicle is that the exhaust is no longer taken in by the catalytic converter. As such, it will find its way into your vehicle’s interior. Consequently, driving your automobile means that you are inhaling exhaust while you drive. This can be deadly.

Extra Miles Tire Pros in Milton, GA, is here to help, so touch base with us after you have talked with your insurance company so we can replace your stolen catalytic converter.

Photo by deepblue4you from getty images via Canva Pro